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Libra is all about decadance! On the 24th October the full moon in earthy Taurus, whose ruling planet is also Venus, brings the focus to the foundations of your life. Consider how you are looking after your physical body and finances too. Taurus loves security. By looking at what helps you to feel more secure will help you to become aware of your most important needs.

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Make a commitment to yourself to meet these needs this month. The number one is reminding you this month that your thoughts become reality. Where your intention goes, energy flows, so keep your thoughts focused on what you want! Set an intention for the month ahead, believe this will happen, and clear away any blocks to receiving your wish fear, doubt and anger slow down your creations so watch out for these. Once you have a clear goal, take inspired action and let the universe guide you every step of the way towards your vision.

This lucky card fortells of an upturn in events, showing that you are in a position of strength. If a project has not succeeded as you wished in the past, now might well be a good time to put your efforts into this again. Know that everything happens in Divine timing and trust your own inner wisdom to guide you to exactly where you need to be. Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot are ancient tools of divination which aid self awareness.

By looking at the unique numbers, planets and corresponding Tarot Cards linked to your date of birth, I will intuitively guide you to become clearer, calmer and more confident about your current and future direction. I offer consultations via Skype, Facetime and Facebook Video. These predictions are very interesting, Sally!

In numerology, the characteristics of 1 that are most stressed include independence, self-sufficiency and self-determination. So if we really want to achieve something, we have the power to achieve it! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Sign in.

October and the Dynamic Number 10

Log into your account. Password recovery. Euro Weekly News Spain. Home Columnists Sally Trotman October astrology, numerology and tarot forecast…. Columnists Sally Trotman. October Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Forecast Credit: Shutterstock. More News:. A newly created waste tip in Dolores Costa Blanca Spain is proving to be a health hazard to local residents, with the return of Known as the RENFE will reopen the Alicante to Murcia railway line tomorrow, following the completion of all emergency track repairs.

As a casualty of the recent storms, Chief inspector of the Costa del Sol. The company will be looking to offer attractive packages Without proper controls, however, they tend to push your career up while destroying your intimate relationships. Paradoxically enough, your tendency for straight talk is exactly the same reason why those closest to you often feel the most hurt. In many cases, a lot of your most intimate romantic relationships die an early death because you say the wrong things at the wrong time. You have to allow yourself to live in the moment and simply be there for people.

Be a reassuring and calming presence. In many cases, it may only succeed in crushing them emotionally.

Sun enters Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you have very powerful attributes of this element. On the one hand, water can be very turbulent. While Mercury and Venus are locked in your personality, if people know you well enough they would know that these conflicting influences actually explain who you are. As long as people understand the parameters of your personality, they can benefit tremendously from you and you can benefit from them as well.

You should avoid: too much straight talk with people closest to you, championing losing causes, and expecting everybody else to be like you. Grey is a great color because it pretty much goes with every other color. It also has a cool, calming element to it. Since it can be mixed with everything else, it can have tremendous influence. The luckiest numbers for those born on the 27 th of October are — 4, 7, 32, 48, and The intensity of emotions felt by people born on 27th October is as indicative of that legendary Scorpio star sign passion as anything else you might mention.

However, you have the wonderful energies of self-discipline and control that Scorpio is known for on your side too. In this regard, you have every opportunity to remain cool, calm and collected — feeling the feelings, yes, but not letting them dictate your course in life. You also are a very loyal and dedicated person.

Angel Number 27

Appreciate the way in which she is emotionally attuned to you and will go to Hades and back to support you through thick and thin. Know that she avoids the emotions and communicates more comfortably in business-like terms.

Praise her for her achievements. Allow her to help you out if she offers it. Her way is often the only way if you know what I mean. She can struggle with money. Encourage her to go have some fun and relax! She feels as though she carries the world on her shoulders.

numerology life path number 23 - esoteric meaning number 3

She can get overwhelmed about the troubles of the world. She can become bitter and resentful and have problems letting go of the past. Encourage her to act upon her own creativity. Appreciate the ways in which she sees you and supports you for exactly who you are. When you know your own Life Path number you can reflect upon the ways in which you are naturally matched or not!

Yet knowing more about what makes your MIL tick can perhaps give you a different lens from which to view your similarities and your differences. You may not adore each other, yet you understand each other on an intuitive level. A bundle of Life Path infographics delivered to your inbox! These outline the qualities of each Life Path number — highlighting strengths, challenges, career, and relationships Your Name.

In numerology, your Personal Year Number gives you insights into the theme and energy supporting you during the calendar year. Each personal year is part of a 1 though 9-year cycle , beginning when you are born and repeating again after every 9th year. I have done the calculation to arrive at the Personal Month number and this is what your monthly forecast provides for you. Example: We will determine a person's Personal Year Number for since the guides are for Birthdate: October 15th in this case their birth year is not relevant since we are resolving for the year Malakoff, Ph.

By: Felicia.

october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology
october 27 numerology October 27 numerology

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