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You are more romantic and also more forgiving and so the little gripes and niggles do not affect your mood very much. While you may not fall in love at first sight this month, you are more likely to attract positive experiences with others which can lead to love further down the road. This is a good month to be socially active and to expand your circle of friends, accept invite to events, openings and viewings. Newer relationship can overcome hurdles and there is the sense of an open road before you where you can race off into the sunset.

One problem Pisces have is that you can come over as free and easy or even flippant to a new lover or partner, you need to reassure them and compliment them, make sure you look after them emotionally and do not just assume they know your feelings, say,!

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I love you often! Good relationships are reinforced now and even rocky relationships find a way to muddle through and make things work.

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Advances can be made in term of problems and understanding increases; you are both willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the bigger picture. A very successful month for couples in business together or starting a business together. Initial progress is swift. Etiketler: october Aquarius in Love October You are inclined to get rubbed up the wrong way, and the quirks and habits you find annoying in your partner are more irritating than usual. This month is excellent for the establishment of new relationships; it is great for first dates or for a physical meet up after you have hooked up online.

You have added confidence, and that means you approach love in the right frame of mind — with positivity.

Your ego is more robust, and even a small knockback by someone playing hard to get will not bother you; you will just try even harder. You relish a chase or challenge in love. Aquarians are attracted to Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius right now as you are drawn to the more fiery, spontaneous and even bossy types rather than the emotional or intellectual ones.

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Activity days are best this month rather than dates which require long conversations and so get booking tickets or checking out the newspaper or Twitter for what is happening near to you. You have oodles of personal magnetism right now, you are sexy and attractive, and your bold, assertive manner is appealing. In marriages, you can take control and inspire confidence that gets your partner in the moods for love.

The Taurus Woman: April 20 – May 20

So do not think love is about romance, words, affection and slushy things, right now you can turn on your partner by showing strength and being decisive. Clients might be picky and demanding, however, so you will have to factor a certain amount of that into the mix, as Pluto will be in hard angle to your ruler, Venus. That seems to come with the territory, and being a practical soul, you know that.

My motto is the man or woman who writes the check is king, and so the client must get what he she wants.

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It is only fair. Pluto has been retrograde for months, reaching back to April 24 but will turn direct on October and that will perk up your finances too, for Pluto rules big-deal financial transactions, and also rules your seventh house of partners, such as your spouse, established partner, or business partner, so financial news may be upbeat and emanate from that person. Pluto may rule your seventh house of partners, but these days is found transiting in your ninth house of publishing and broadcasting, academia, legal matters, long-distance travel, and immigration concerns. If you have waited for resolution on a pending matter, watch the days encircling October , for you could suddenly hear news.

Astrological Sign: Taurus

You may hear about university financial news, or that a publisher has accepted your book, or that you have been granted an immigration interview. All kinds of matters related to the ninth house, listed above, will jump to life.

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taurus daily horoscope susan miller Taurus daily horoscope susan miller
taurus daily horoscope susan miller Taurus daily horoscope susan miller
taurus daily horoscope susan miller Taurus daily horoscope susan miller
taurus daily horoscope susan miller Taurus daily horoscope susan miller
taurus daily horoscope susan miller Taurus daily horoscope susan miller
taurus daily horoscope susan miller Taurus daily horoscope susan miller

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