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If Moon is there or aspects it, predict the birth of water-birds. If the navamsa falls in Mercurial signs with Saturn in conjunction or aspecting, then ordinary birds, but if Moon joins or aspects it, aquatic birds must be predicted. When the birth sign, Moon, Jupiter and Sun are powerless, the birth of trees must be predicted. The nature of the plants aquatic or land must be identified by the rising navamsa, and the number of the trees by the number of the navaaamsas that the lord of the navamsa has passed from his rising amsa in the lagna.

Sun produces internally strong trees, Saturn ugly ones, Moon milky trees, Mars dry plants, Mercury and Jupiter fruitless and fruitful ones respectively and Venus flowery trees. Moon makes bright plants and Mars bitter ones. If a benefic occupies a bad sign, then a good tree grows in a bad place, if otherwise it is reversed. The number of trees is determined by the amass the lord has passed from his.

Mars and the Moon are the cause for monthly menses. When the Moon is in anupachaya rasis the menses for conception occurs. When the reverse is the case, and the masculine benefics aspect, the woman gets sexual union with man. The sexual union resembles the nature of the Astha rasi. If malefics conjoin or aspect the 7th, union will be consummated under quarrelling, if benefics join or aspect the 7th , the sexual union will be happy.

If Ravi, Chandra, Sukra and Kuja occupy their own navamsas, if Guru is found in lagna or thrikona, conception takes place. If this combination is present in impotent cases, it will be useless as moonlight is to a blind man. If Kuja and Arkaja occupy the seventh from Ravi and Chandra, they make the man and the woman sick respectively. If they occupy the 12th and the 2nd from Ravi and Chandra, the man and woman will meet with Mrityu respectively.

If Kuja and Arkaja join Ravi and Chandra, and has one of their aspects. Death may be foretold for the man and woman respectively. During the day the Sun stands for father and Venus for mother; during the night Saturn and Moon. Paternal uncles and maternal aunts are to be judged in the reverse order, and if they are in odd and even signs respectively they become beneficial to the parties concerned. If malefics are approaching the rising sign without beneficial aspects the woman dies. If Saturn occupies the rising sign aspected by Mars or weak Moon she dies.

If the rising sign and the Moon are betwixt two evil planets unaspected by benefics jointly or separately the woman dies in pregnancy. If from the rising sign of the Moon the 4th house is joined by evil planets and Mars is in the 8thhouse, she suffers death. If from lagna, the 4th and 12th houses are occupied by the Sun and Mars and the Moon is weak, she suffers death as before. If Kuja and Ravi are in the 1st and 7th respectively, death occurs to her by weapons.

The abortion takes place in the month, whose lord is powerless or afflicted. If benefics are in conjunction with lagna and Chandra, of if the 5th, 9th, 2nd, 7th, 4th and 10th houses from them are occupied be benefics or if the malefics occupy 3rd and 11th houses, and aspected by the Sun she will have a safe and happy pregnancy. If powerful lagna, Ravi, Chandra and Guru occupy odd signs or navamsas, they cause masculine birth.

If these occupy even signs and amsas, they produce feminine birth. If Guru and Ravi are found in odd signs, then a male, if Sukra, Kuja and Chandra are in even signs, a female is born. If these planets are in double-bodied signs aspected by Budha, will beodd twins afterfrom the sex the zodiacal sign.

If Saturnthere occupies signs the of lagna excepting lagna , he causes male birth. Examine the relative strength of the various planets and predict the birth of males or females. If the Moon and the Sun aspect mutually, if Saturn and Mercury aspect mutually; if Mars, in an odd sign, aspects the Sun in an even sign; if the Moon and lagna are in odd, and have the aspect of Mars in even sign; if the Moon is in even and Mercury in odd, and have the aspect of Mars; if Venus, lagna and the Moon are posited in masculine in all are these cases, willMars, be born.

If the Moonamsas; and Venus in six signs, andeunuchs if Mercury, Jupiter and lagna are in odd. Lagna and the Moon in even houses aspected by male planets, produce twins, as above. If powerful Budha, Kuja, Guru and lagna are in even signs, then predict the same result. If planets and lagnais are in common by ifMercury his amsa, children If lagna in Dhanus, or amsas, falls in aspected that amsa, all the inplanets are three powerful Saniwill and.

The lord of lagna, Chandra, and Ravi are rulers of the next three months respectively. The foetal growth depends upon the strength and weakness of the planets, who govern the particular month. If Budha is in thrikona, and other planets are powerless, then the child will have two faces, four hands, and four legs with one face. If the Moon is in Taurus, and evil planets are in Ruksha Sandhis, predict a dumb child. If, in this conjunction, the Moon has beneficial aspect, the child begins to speak very late in life.

If Sani and Kuja occupy Budhas houses or navamsas, the child will be born with teeth. If Kataka is lagna with Chandra init, having the aspects of Sani and Kuja, the child will be dwarf. If Meena becomes lagna becomes a cripple. If the Rasi Sandhis are occupied by malefics and the Moon, the child will be deaf. In all these cases there must be no beneficial If the last aspects. If malefics occupy the 5th, 9th and 1st drekkanas, handless, feetless and headless child respectively must be predicted. If Leo is birth occupied by the Sun and the Moon, aspected by Mars and Saturn the child will be blind.

If in the above combination there is also beneficial aspect the vision will be dim. The Moon in the 12th house causes loss to the left eye and the Sun there causes loss to the right eye. Beneficial aspects give some relief in these combinations. The birth of a child takes place in the sign occupied by the Moon, which is represented by the number, in which Dwadasamsa, the Moon is fixed at the time. The day or the night and the ghaties of the birth time must be known by the number of the ghaties at the time of the question and the nature of the sign whether diurnal or nocturnal.

If Makara or Kumbha navamsa rises at the time of conception, aspected by Sani, the child will be born after 4 years. If Katakamsa rises at the time of conception, aspected by Chandra, then the birth occurs after 12 years of pregnancy. The details in this chapter must be carefully understood and applied with sense and judgment.

If birth sign is unaspected by the Moon, father will be absent at the birth. If the Sun occupies a movable sign pathitha from the 10th, the father will be away in a foreign country at the birth of child. If Saturn occupies lagna or if Mars is in the 7th or if the Moon is between Mercury and Venus, the father will be absent at the birth of the child. If the Moon occupies Mars drekkana and benefics are in the 2nd and 11th houses, predict a serpents birth. If an evil sign falls in Kujas drekkana and has benefics in the 2nd and the 11th, the child will be bound by a serpent-like bandage.

If the Sun occupies a quadruped sign and if other powerful planets occupy common signs, twins will be born covered with a common hood. If Mesha, Simha or Vrishabha falls as lagna, occupies by Sani or Kuja, the child will be born with a cowl or cord in that organ which is represented by the rising navamsa. If Jupiter does not aspect birth and Moon, or if he does not aspect the Sun, in conjunction with the Moon, if the Moon with a malefic combines with the Sun then say certainly the child is born to another person or of adultery.

If malefics occupy the signs of cruel planets and are in the 7th, 9th or 5th from the Sun, the father will be imprisoned when the child is born. The sign occupied by the Sun determines the locality of his bondage. If Full Moon is in cancer, if Mercury is in lagna and benefics are in the 4th, the delivery takes place in a boat or steamer, or in a sea voyage. If birth is watery with the Moon in the 7th the same result happens. If birth falls in a watery sign as also the Moon, the delivery will be close to water. If lagna a watery sign has Full Moons aspect the same result happens.

If, for such lagna, the Moon is there or in the 5th or 10th then similar results happen. If Saturn occupies the 12th, and a malefic aspects the Moon, the woman delivers the child when in bondage or jail. If Saturn is in Scorpio or Cancer one of which is the birth aspected by the Moon, the delivery takes place in a hole or hollow or pit. If birth is watery with Saturn in it, aspected by Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, the birth takes place in playgrounds, temples and uncultivated fields, respectively.

If birth with Sani falls in a Nara Rasi aspected by Kuja the birth happens in a graveyard; aspected by Sukra and Chandra in pleasant places; aspected by Guru in sacrificial places; aspected by Ravi in royal mansions, cowsheds, or temple premises; aspected by Budha in libraries, art colleges or carpenters premises. Place of birth happens to be according to the nature of the rasi and navamsa, either at home or outside. The birth place should be determined according to the strength of the lagna either in rasi or navamsa. If the Moon or the Sun is in the 9th or 5th from Saturn and Mars, the child will be forsaken by its mother.

If in that combination Jupiter aspects it, the child lives long and prospers although forsaken by its mother. If the Moon is in birth aspected by a malefic and has Mars in the 7th the forsaken babe will perish. If in this combination Mars and Saturn are in the 11th, the child dies, if aspected by a benefic, the child gets protection by such caste man as is indicated by the benefic; if aspected by malefics, the child falls to different hands and dies. The birth takes place in the house of the father or mother according to the strength of their lords.

If benefics occupy debilitated places, birth will be under trees, roads, etc. If benefics occupy neecha and if the Moon and birth are unaspected by other planets occupying one house, the birth occurs in lonely places. If Moon joins Saturns amsa or is in the 4th or has aspect of Saturn or occupies watery signs or conjoins with Saturn, then birth takes place in darkness. If there are three or more debilitated planets, birth takes place on the ground. The birth takes place similar to the rasi which rises on a level with the equator. If malefics occupy the 4th or 7th from The quantity of oil by Moon, the wick by the birth sign and the light by Sun, the door by the planets in quadrants or by the most powerful of the planets must be ascertained.

If Saturn is the strongest, the house will be one newly repaired having become old; if Mars is so, its partly burnt; if Moon, new; if the Sun, the house contains much wood; and if Mercury, built by many artists; if Venus, handsome, painted and new; if Jupiter, strong house; the adjoining houses must be indicated similarly by the planets in the rasis. If the birth falls in Gurus or Budhas houses or amsas the delivery happens in the northern part of the house.

If it falls in Vrishabha or its amsa the birth takes place in the west and if it falls in Makara or Simha or their navamsas the birth place willdown be inmust the southern side. Similarly I must be ascertained for the direction of the bed, etc. The legs of the cost or the sides of the bed must be ascertained by the 6th, 3rd, 9th and 12th houses from lagna. The number of women to assist the delivery must be determined by the number of planets between the Moon and the lagna.

Their presence inside or outside the delivery room has to be learnt by the planets in the invisible and the visible half of the zodiac respectively. Some say quite the reverse. The body of the child will resemble the planet who is the lord of the navamsa or who is the most powerful. The color of the infant will resemble that of the lord of the navamsa occupied by the Moon. Taking the lagna as head, etc. If the first drekkana rises in the lagna; by the Drusya and Adrusya halves of the zodiac, left and right sides of head, eyes, ears, nose, temples, cheeks and face must be determined from the lagna respectively.

If the second drekkana rises in the lagna, neck, shoulders, arms, sides, chest, belly and navel should be similarly determined. If the third drekkana rises in the lagna, lower stomach, testicles, If those rasis are occupied by the malefics theresexual will beorgan soresand or anus, wounds, if these are. If such a planet is Saturn the woundsjoins will be caused stonesinand diseases; if Mars by fire, weapons and If Mercury three other by planets anywindy rasi he will cause wounds in that organ which is governed by it.

If an evil planet is in the 6th from birth, there will be wound in that organ represented by that rasi. If such a malefic has beneficial aspect then there will be Thilaka, Masaka, etc. If benefics join him there will be Lakshma, etc. Children born during sandhi or when birth is in Chandra hora, when evil planets occupy the ends of signs or when four malefics including Moon occupy quadrants, will die.

If cruel and benefic planets occupy the first and the second halves of the zodiac respectively and the birth rises in an insect rasi or if the birth and the 7th ar placed between malefics, the child dies straightaway. If malefics occupy birth and 7th and if Moon joins cruel planets, unaspected by benefics, the child dies quickly If a weak Moon occupies the 12th with malefics in the birth and the 8th without benefics in quadrants, the child dies soon. If Moon joins a malefic and occupies the 7th, 8th or 12th and when benefics arent in quadrants and dont aspect these, the child dies If Moon occupies 6th or 8th aspected by malefics, early death comes.

If such Moon has beneficial aspects, the child dies before 8. If such Moon ahs mixed aspets, the child lives for 4 years. If a benefic occupies the 6th or 8th aspected by powerful malefics, the child lives for a month. If the lord of the birth joins the 7th and suffers defeat there by If a weak Moon joins the lagna with malefics in the 8th or quadrants, or if Moon is betwixt malefics occupying the 4th, 7th or 8th, the child dies. If Moon is in lagna as above stated, malefics in the 7th and 8th without the aspect of powerful benefics, the mother and child both die If Moon occupies the last navamsa of the sign and malefics are in the 5th and 9th without beneficial aspects, or if lagna joins Moon with malefics in the 7th, the child dies immediately If Moon joins a malefic in lagna, eclipsed with Mars in the 8th, both mother and child die.

Similarly, if Sun is in lagna, death results from weapons. If Moon or Sun occupy the lagna with powerful malefics in trines and the 8th, unassociated with benefics, the child dies If Saturn, Sun, Moon and Mars occupy the 12th, 9th, lagna and 8th respectively, unaspected by a powerful Jupiter, the child dies quickly If Moon is with malefics and occupies a trine, 7th, 8th or 12th and not aspected by or combined with a powerful Venus, Mercury or Jupiter, death comes early If Moon in transit joins the house of the most powerful malefic in the above yogas or joins his own place, or the lagna, when hes strong and has strong malefic aspects, he causes death to the child within one year.

Where a planet is debilitated he cuts away half of the term of life and in the middle rasis he give terms of life as per rule of three. The lagna is supposed to give that number of years, which is represented by its amsa, while others say the number will be similar to the rasi.

A planet in an unfriendly sign cuts one-third of his term unless he is retrograde. The combust planets thexcept Venus and Saturn, cut off half their term of life. If benefics occupy the same houses, they take away only one half of that which the malefics do. Satyacharya says that, if there are many planets in anyone of the houses, only the most powerful among them will eat the proportion of lifeoccupies granted by If an evil planet theit. If a benefic aspects the above conjunction, half of this must be deducted.

Men and elephants have 60 x 2 years as terms of life and 5 days more. Horses live 32 years. Camels and asses 25 years. Buffaloes and bullocks live 24 years. Dogs have 12 years. Goats etc. If the last navamsa of Meena becomes lagna.


If Mercury is in the 25th minute in Vrishabha and if all the rest are in their deep exaltations, the person gets the utmost limit of life, viz. Vishnugupta, Devaswami and Siddhasena have given similar longevity. There is one serious objection to the acceptance of their theory, because according to them, no children can die above 8 and below 20 years which is absurd. They have further stated that those who have this longevity will also become emperors. This is erroneous as many men live long and still be beggars Jeevasarma says, on his own responsibility, that each of the planets gives one-seventh of the period of the longevity stated above.

Satyacharya says that each planet gives that term of life which is indicated by the navamsa he occupies. This seems to be approved of by many astrological experts. Convert the intended planets position into kalas; divide this by ; the quotient, if divisable, divided by 12 represents years, etc. A planet in exaltation or retrogression will give 3 times the term of his life. If he is in Vargottama or in his own house or navamsa or drekkana he gives double the period. This is the speciality named by Satyacharya. Lagna gives similar number of years as it has advance in the navamsa.

If it is very powerful it will give similar to the rasi. If a malefic is in lagna no deduction should be made on this account. Do not take the terms of life granted by the planets as stated before. Whenever two or three figures are to be multiplied, then multiply it by that figure which are presents the strongest factors. If birth falls in Kataka and Guru and Chandra are in it, Budha and Sukra in the kendras, the rest in the person lives very long and mathematical calculations for longevity do not apply to such a combination.

The most powerful among Lagna, Surya and Chandra, with planets in their kendras give results in the commencement, middle, and last periods of life respectively. If planets are not in kendras, etc. The planet most powerful gives the first dasa extending over that period of life granted by him. If many planets are equally powerful then the first dasa will belong to that planet who gives the largest term of life.

If some planets give equal terms of life, then the first dasa will be given by that planet who rises first. The planet with the Dasanatha gives half the term of that dasa with his results. The planet who occupies the thrikona from him gives one-third of that period with his results. The planet in the 7th from him gives one-seventh of his period. The planet who is in chaturasra gives one-fourth of that term. In this manner lagna and planets give their Dasasall and Bring theAntardasas. By doing this you get the Antardasa periods. The Dasa period of a most powerful and exalted planet is called the Poorna Dasa.

The dasa of a powerless planet is called the Rikta. The period of that planet which is in the navamsa of unfriendly amsa is called the Aristaphala. The planet who has fallen from exaltation gives Avarohi Dasa. If he joins friendly or exalted navamsa, he constitutes Madhya Dasa. The planet who is ascending from his debilitation gives Arohani Dasa.

If such a planet occupies debilitated or unfriendly navamsa, he gives a worthless period. If a planet is in a good house and joins debilitated or unfriendly navamsa, it gives mixed results. The names are fixed for these indicative of their results. I shall give the results of the periods of the Sun, etc. If lagna rises in common sign, its drekkanas constitute Adhama, Madhya and Pujita respectively. If lagna is movable, the order must be reversed. If lagna is fixed, they constitute Ashubha, Ista and Sama respectively. Lagna Dasas are thus arranged. If in the previously stated dasa period of the planets, they get also this?

Nisargika dasa, they produce good results. Some of Yavanaas say that the Lagna Dasa comes in the end and gives good. Some do not accept this view. If the anthardasanatha is in lagna, or if his friend is in lagna, or if lagna falls in his. Or if he is in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th houses it is good. Or if the Moon occupies the exaltation house of the Pakaswami or his friendly rasi, or thrikona, or the 7th from him, it produces good.


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That dasa which begins when the Moon is in his own house is good and gives honour, wealth and happiness. That dasa which begins when the Moon is in Kujas house makes his wife immoral; if that dasa begins when the Moon is in Budhas house it gives education, friends and wealth; if the dasa begins when the Moon is in Simha it gives work for him in forts, roads, houses and agriculture; if itgold, begins whentravel, the Moon The Sun gives wealthforests, by Nakha, nails or claws teeth, skins, cruelty, kings and wars. He makes the man hot-tempered determined in doing work, in getting reputation and good by courage.

He gets misery through wife, children, wealth, enemy, weapon, fire and king. The Sun gives liberty, fondness for sinful deeds, quarrels among his workmen or servants, complaints in chest, stomach and other diseases. During the Moons period the person gets money or profits from mantras, Brahmins, sugarcane, milk, clothes, flowers, playing, oil seeds, good and fatigue or pain. He will be fond of sleep, laziness, enduring pain, Brahmins and Devatas, getting female issues, possessed of good intelligence, reputation, earning and spending, and he will pick quarrelsthe with is own those are more powerful thangains himself.

During period of men Marsand there will who be destruction of enemies, from rulers, lands,. He will have hatred among his children, wife, friends, brothers, learned men, and preceptors. He will suffer from thirst, bloody diseases, fever, bile, fractures. Hell be fond of others wives, sinful men and uncharitable deeds.

Hell be the harsh, hot and evil-tempered In period of Mercury, the person gets wealth by embassy, friends, preceptors and. Hell be praised by learned men and thereby gets reputation. He gets gold, mules, lands and personal charm, and happiness. Hell be witty and humorous and will be clever in serving. Harshness, fatigue, restraint or imprisonment, mental disease and from the threecourage, dhatus In his period, Jupiter gives honor, good character, goodcomplaints mind, personal charm,.

He gets wealth thru mantras, kings, vedic recitation, counsel and skill in diplomacy. Hell have gold, houses, sons, elephants, clothes and friendship with good rulers. During Saturns period, the person gets donkeys, camels, birds, buffaloes, old women, leadership over communities, towns or cities, and inferior gains. Hell be insulted and terrified by servants, children, wife and will suffer the loss of a limb. Good periods give happiness and bad periods produce misery. Mixed periods give mixed results and the result of the lagna dasa will be similar in nature to its lord. In the period of each planet, the results will be based on the materials or objects that have been detailed in the Saumgnyadhyaya and the means of livelihood detailed in the Karma Jivadhyaya.

Results of the planets will be determined by the aspects, occupation and other combinations given elsewhere. Different planets give their luster of the mahabootas in their periods. This luster or shade has to be identified by the nose, face, eyes, skin and ear obtained by or thru the earth, water, fire, air and space. During the time of an auspicious planet, the mind of the person will be good. It enables the man to get wealth and secure happiness. The dasa may also be known by the happiness or misery the man is subjected to.

The results produced by powerless planets will be enjoyed in dreams and thoughts. If one planet represents two contrary results, the effect will be the destruction of those events. If one planet represents one and another indicates a contrary result, therell be both the results. Planets give good or bad in their own periods.

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Sun is favorable from his position at birth in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Hes similar from Mars and Saturn. From Venus, hes good in 6, 7 and From Jupiter in 5, 6, 9 and From Moon in 3, 6, 10 and From Mercury in 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and From lagna, hes favorable in 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 and Moon is favorable from his position at birth in 1, 3, 6, 7, 10 and From Venus, hes good in 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and From Jupiter in 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11 and From Sun in 3, 6, 7, 8, 10 and From Mercury in 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and From Mars in 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and From Saturn in 3, 5, 6 and From lagna, hes favorable in 3, 6, 10 and Mars is favorable from his position at birth in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and From Venus, hes good in 6, 8, 11 and From Jupiter in 6, 10, 11 and From Sun in 3, 5, 6, 10 and From Mercury in 3, 5, 6 and From Moon in 3, 6 and From Saturn in 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and From lagna, hes favorable in 1, 3, 6, 10 and Mercury is favorable from his position at birth in 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and From Venus, hes good in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 and From Jupiter in 6, 8, 11 and From Sun in 5, 6, 9, 11 and From Mars and Saturn in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and From Moon in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and From lagna, hes favorable in 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and Jupiter is favorable from his position at birth in 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 and From Venus, hes good in 2, 5, 6, 9, 10 and From Mercury in 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and From Sun in 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and From Mars in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and From Moon in 2, 5, 7, 9 and From lagna, hes favorable in 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10isand 11 Venus favorable from his position at birth in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 and From Jupiter,.

From Mercury in 3, 5, 6, 9 and From Sun in 8, 11 and From Mars in 3, 5, 6, 9, 11 and From Saturn in 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and From Moon in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 and From lagna, hes favorable in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 11 Saturn is favorable from his position at birth in 3, 5, 6 and From Jupiter, hes good in. From Mercury in 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and From Sun in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10 and From Mars in 3, 5, 6, 10, 11 and From Venus in 6, 11 and From lagna, hes favorable in 1, 3, 4, 6, 10 and 11 Stanza The places mentioned above are good and the rest evil.

The good or bad results will be ascertained by the ciphers and figures marked as stated above and the balances show good. Planets in upachaya, in friendly or own houses and exaltations give plenty of good; planets in apachayas, in debilitation or unfriendly houses dont do good. From Sun, etc. If the amsa lord is Moon, wealth flows thru agriculture, watery products and dependence upon women, etc.

If the lord of the navamsa is Mars, he gets money thru minerals, fire, weapons, adventures and physical strength. If the lord of the navamsa moneyisisJupiter, obtained writing, math, and fine arts Gods, in If the lordisofMercury, the navamsa hethru gets money frompoetry Brahmins, priests,. If that lord is Venus, he makes money by gems, silver, cows, buffaloes, etc.

If hes Saturn, he gets money from labor, by execution, carrying and by low artisanship. The source of income may be such as that which is give controlled the lord thehouses navamsa the lord of 10 th in transit Planets wealthbysimilar to of the theyoccupied occupy. If powerful benefics are in lagna, 2nd or 11th, he gets money in many ways.

Yavanas say that three or more cruel planets in exaltation will produce a cruel-minded king. Jeevasarma and his school say that exalted cruel planets wont raise a man to kingly power. If Mars, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter or any three of them are exalted and one of these three occupies the lagna, 16 rajayogas arise. If Moon is in his own house, and any two of the above planets are in exaltation, with one of them in birth, or if any of the above-named planets is in exaltation occupying the lagna, they produce 16 rajayogas. If lagna or Moon occupies vargottama and has the aspects of four or more planets, except Moon, 22 rajayogas are generated.

If Sun and Moon are in exaltation and lagna rises in one of these signs and if Sun and Mercury are in the 6th, and if Venus, Mars and Jupiter are in Libra, Aries and Cancer, generate two If Mars isthey in Capricorn, Sunrajayogas and Moon in Sagittarius, and lagna rising in Capricorn with Saturn in it, the person becomes a king. If, in the above combination, Moon joins Mars in birth or if Saturn and Moon are in 7th, if Jupiter is in Sagittarius, and Aries becomes lagna with Sun there, the person becomes a king.

If Taurus rises at birth with Moon in it, and Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are in the 4th, 7th and 10th respectively, the person certainly becomes a king. If Capricorn is birth with Saturn in it, and 3, 6, 9 or 12 are occupied by Moon, etc. If Mars and Saturn occupy the 5th , Jupiter, Moon and Venus join the 4th, if Virgo rises as lagna with Mercury in it, the person becomes a king with good character If Pisces becomes lagna with Moon in it, Saturn, Mars and Sun are in Aquarius, Capricorn and Leo respectively, the person born will rule the earth. If Aries becomes lagna with Mars in it, with Jupiter in Cancer or if Cancer rises with Jupiter in it, with Mars in Aries, a king will be born If Cancer is lagna with Jupiter in it and if Moon, Venus and Mercury are in Taurus and Sun in Aries, a mighty king will be born If Capricorn is lagna with Saturn in it and if Aries, Cancer and Leo are combined with their lords and if Gemini and Libra are occupied by Mercury and Venus, the person becomes a renowned ruler If an exalted Mercury is in lagna, Venus in Gemini, Moon and Jupiter in Pisces with Saturn and Mars in Capricorn, the person becomes a king In the combinations for royalty sketched before, persons born in poverty will become kings; much more so persons born in royal families.

The combinations to be given hereafter will make men kings who are born in royal families and others born in ordinary families will become equal to kings. If there are three or more powerful exalted or moolatrikona planets in a horoscope, a person born in a royal family will become a king. If this number is five or more, then persons born in ordinary families will become rulers. If these planets are powerless, the persons wont be kings but wealthy men.

If Aries is the lagna with Sun half-rising and Moon in it, Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius, the person born in a royal family becomes a king. When Venus occupies the 4th from lagna, Moon occupies the 9th and the rest are in the 1st, 3rd and 11th houses, the person becomes a king If a powerful Mercury is in lagna, a powerful benefic in the 9th and the rest of the planets in the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th, the person born in a royal family will become a good and charitable king If Taurus is lagna and Moon, Jupiter and Saturn and other planets occupy the 1st, 2nd , 6th and 11th respectively, or if Moon and Sun in the 10th and Saturn in lagna and other planets in the 11th, the person becomes king If Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are in the 10th, 11th and 1st respectively, Mercury and Mars in the 2nd and Venus and Sun in the 4th, the person becomes a king.

If Mars and Sun are in lagna, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Mercury are in the 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th respectively, the person becomes a king The person gets royal power in the antaradasa of the most powerful planet or of the planet who combines in the 10th or the 1st. He loses that power in the antaradasa of the planet whos unfriendly or debilitation house because such a period is called the chara dasa.

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He then must seek protection from a powerful king. If Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is in lagna, Saturn in 7th and Sun in the 10th, the person will enjoy his life well. If beneficial signs are powerful and fall in quadrants and malefics occupy cruel signs, the person will be a master of hunters, thieves and wealth. By combinations of two, three and four the multiples of 9, 10, 8 by 3, 3 and 4 respectively will be the number of Nabhasa yogas obtained by this process. Yavanas have described varieties but I will describe them here briefly.

If the planets are in Chara, etc. These are Asraya yogas. Parasara mentions two yogas as Dala under sruk and sarpa when the benefics and malefics are in kendras respectively. Asraya yogas, according to some, are really incorporated in the Yava, Abja, Vajra, Andaja, Golaka, etc. Dala yogas have no separate significance, according to some, as the results of benefics and malefics occupying the kendras have already been indicated.

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When two adjacent quadrants are combined with all the planets it goes under the name of Gada. It will be called Sakata when all the planets occupy the 1st and the 7th houses. When all the planets occupy the 4th and the 10th is called Vihaga. If all the planets occupy the 1st , 5th and 9th houses it is called Sringataka. If all the planets are in5th and 9th it is called Hala. So say the learned in astrology. When benefics are in first and seventh and malefics are in fourth and tenth it is called Vajra.

If the planets are reversed then it is called Yava. If the planets are mixed it is called Kamala. If the planets are outside kendras it is called Vapi. I have give these Vajra yogas, etc. If all the planets are within the first four houses of the 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th kendras Yupa, Ishu, Sakthi and Danda yogas are respectively formed. There are paintings of Jatakas on the walls of the entrance and the footprint of the Buddha on the vault of entry. Brahma and Sakka protect the entry. Two Bodhisattvas keep the furnace bridge, whereas the horoscope of the life of the Buddha appears on the vault.

Lawkahteikpan is a small temple close to the large pagoda Shwesandaw and built by King Alaungsithu, the successor of Kyanzittha. Lawkahteikpan means "The adorned tip of the world". It has been one of Bagan's great constructions and the small temple was being decorated with pure jewels. The architectural style of the temple is typical for the intermediate period. It is thought that this temple dates from the middle of the 12th century. Pyathadar Temple is a double-cave type monument. Most of these kinds of monasteries were built out of wood.

But some were built out of bricks and testify to the power of these monasteries. The architectural design explains the expansion of vaults and broad corridors which made it possible to pass from one building to the other.

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This monastery has Indian influence. It even contains a hall of ordination and a small palate. The Nagayon, built by King Kyansittha , foreshadows his crowning achievement, the Ananda. There are the same sloping roofs, the same terraces, the same corner stupas, the same spire and the same stupa finial. But they are here used in a much more subdued manner than in the Ananda. A portico in the north, paved with green glazed stones and having niches holding stone reliefs of the life of the Buddha, provides access to the Nagayon. Within the temple itself, the central shrine contains a huge standing image of the Buddha protected by the hood of a naga serpent.

Two smaller images flank the main one. A corridor, also paved with green glazed stones, runs around the central shrine. Although it is traditionally believed that Pahto Thamya pagoda was one of the five pagodas which King Taung Thu Gyi built, its designs and inner mural paintings indicate that it could belong to the time of King Saw Lu or King Kyansittha. In any case, it is a cave pagoda of early period of Bagan. The dome-like sloping roof of this pagoda is one architectural characteristic of early Bagan monuments.

The Lemyethna temple, the "Temple of the Four Faces", is a beautiful example of a single-storeyed temple built in the Late Style. Resting on a platform, the temple is square in plan, with porches projecting on all four sides, and with the main entrance in the east.

The superstructure consists of receding terraces, with crenellated parapets and small stupas at the corners, surmounted by a curvilinear spire which is crowned by a stupa. The Late Style makes for a bright interior, where there are remnants of murals portraying the 28 Buddhas of the Past, scenes from the Jatakas, and the Final Life of Gotama Buddha. Unfortunately, many of the murals have been lost in whitewash. This Pagoda is situated south of Myin Kaba village by the side of the tar road to new Bagan town.

Before Kyansittha became king, he had to flee and hide himself from his enemy King Saw Lu. While he was hiding at the place where Naga Yon Paya now is, his queen Abeyadana brought food to him. When he became king he built this Pagoda in honour of his queen. The Pagoda was built on the very place where she brought food for him. The ink inscription inside Thet-taw shey Pagoda on the south-east, records the history of Abe-yadana Pagoda. Thiganyone Temple is a cave-type and Indian style monument.

Po Thu Gyi or the chieftain of Po village donated this temple. There is a stone tablet inscribing the chieftain's donation of the land and donation of slaves to the temple. As by the legend, the name of the temple was taken from the place where the Aris where they put their Thingan or robe, after playing. Tayok Pye is a large temple in extreme cases of the group of Minnanthu. It was built by Narathihapate also known as the king who fled from the Mongolian invasion.

This is the meaning of Tayok Pye in Myanmar. The king was not able to complete the temple. It is a beautiful temple decorated with much smoothness, and which does not show this king directing an empire in crumbs. The temple has two levels. It can be imagined surrounded by a superstructure out of wood. The enamelled decoration is particularly interesting with many plates intended to receive the jatakas.

The characters in stucco who decorate his frontage are enough rare to be mentioned. This Pagoda is a temple situated on the north-east of Shwezigon Pagoda. It has a double vaulted corridors and a sikhara. The earthquake of brought down the sikhara and the upper vaulted corridor. The Pagoda faces east. There are mural paintings in the devotional hall of the first storey. Like other temples, the ceiling was adorned with pictures of the Buddha's foot prints. But now as they had been pealed off the only remaining paintings are festoons of lotus flowers which used to encircle the sacred foot prints.

There is a spiral stair way leading to the second storey. In this temple there was a stone inscription. It was moved to the Archaeological Museum in It is now sheltered in shed No. Thagya Pone Temple is a two-storey building with a large passage on the first floor. There is a large sitting Buddha image in the lower level of the building and the first floor has a large corridor. Published on August 5, - GMT. Published on July 15, - GMT. Published on May 19, - GMT. Published on May 4, - GMT.

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