Horoscope 16 december birthdays

Love and Compatibility for December 16 Zodiac

People come to know your reputation before they know you. They say you are amusing, friendly and you bring the sunshine wherever you go. You live life with a happy smile. I bet you are invited to all the parties; probably first on the list! It seems as though you are at your best with an audience. The December 16 birthday personality is someone who knows how to hold an intelligent conversation or even discuss their deepest emotions and fears. You have a great attitude and friends, family and business minds trust your judgment.

You like what money can offer you, but at the same time, you plan to live a long time.

December 16 Zodiac:

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. As the December 16 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are not an easy person to get to know. You may be a little intimidating or proud. A closed mouth is never fed! You feel the same way in relationships.


December 16

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The December 16 horoscope predicts that you can neglect your health. Eating right and getting plenty of exercises will help you live longer and stronger, advises the 16th Sagittarius birthday meaning. Can you imagine winning a marathon at 70 years old?

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Exercise and the proper diet have more benefits than you know. It also relieves stress. Try an alternative lifestyle. You might turn out to love it and me for suggesting it.

December 16 Birthday Horoscope

As a means of employment, those born on this zodiac birthday, Sagittarius, are inventive individuals. You may have even started a profession of your own through a hobby or an idea you may have had. The future of person who born on 16 December can be rewarding provided they learn to have some focus in life.

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This is all well and fine but honey, you must plan for something if you are to accomplish anything. When love they may call 40 times a day, swear to God he will love all his life and after a few months disappear without notice and will appear online but never reply or reply as if they still love and promise to write more and never write. A lier profile. They may spend all money on you, leave country, job or whatever, but you can never reply on them if you want to keep your integrity.

Rebecca It depends on your moon sign and other attributes. I have a Pisces moon and I'm the one that gets lied to. I try not to be too blunt cause I really don't like to hurt other people unless you are a complete a-hole. Then I don't care. Yes, do that was a lie. KimiW Dear Audry. You are associating an individual bad seed with narcissistic tendencies and possibly unresolved issues as being an example of this sign.

Believe it when I tell you that people with such damage are in all signs, as I had such a man who almost ruined my life that was born on May Since then, I have come to learn a lot about what to look for in a person - regardless of their sign. Look up online videos then books at your library on Narcissism, you will see what I mean. Good luck in , from a December 16 woman from Year of Dog. We can be very loyal when we are in a relationship.

But, when we are not in one, you do have a point. We will disappear or we will end it without much to say. But when we love, we do love hard. That's why we avoid it sometimes. We tend to give more into that which we love and then it can hurt if it doesn't last. A hurt sag is not good. In relationships, we love and tend to give more. Can't blame us for being silent and distanced when we felt our partner is not in sync with us.

Looking for utmost love is difficult, not sex.

JF my heart explodes every time i see him. You can gambol with death itself Keep away from the vicious cycle of --lust-attraction-attachment in case of sixteenth.. Ana YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you change the inner attitude of your mind, you will change the outer aspects of your life. The "Secret". I'm so proud to be a strong and independent person. Our life experiences motivates us and continue to live. M yeah! I HOPE that's all are not a trick. Even though i believe in myself. Ohh and lastly i am not a fashionable but i want be and i will be when i reach my goal and make honey myself.

Marlon Its the best people we are"lllllooooooolll. San never ever fall in love 16 Decemberians. My heart couldn't stand it anymore. I am a Leo myself, I loved him so deeply and in bed was fantastic but he turned out to be something bad for me in the end. So, it's decemberists and that's all. Great community, love y'all. Biru So true San. I always get ditched. Que Thats all it takes.

I feel the same way. Dia Yup! Sounds just like me. Everything else is spot on M I feel so proud being a Sagittarius!! Every time I read my horoscope, I keep thinking yes yes that's me and how I wish people knew how good I am hahaha. It's also good to read the negative traits in order to solve them and be a better person! It would be fun to meet other people born on this day! Imagine the deep conversations! Sky This is great!

Birthday Gifts According To The Zodiac Sign

But, I'm not into fashion lol. If your birthday is December 16, snapchat me at: Skyheart16 ;D. Sia So very true.. Thank you so much. Mila Meyer Wow.

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I am exactly as it says exept I hate fashion. Sagittarius G Hello fellow twins! And of course me and you reading this I am sure that God was born on this day too, he had Jesus born a week later, BTW, don't you hate it when you get a joint Christmas and Birthday card? What is that all about? I reckon it is worse to be born after New year, you get all the unwanted Christmas presents as a Birthday gift!

Anyway, it is great that people make an effort and splash us out in fairy lights, glitter and gold just because it is our birth month ; Yes, I always get such positive response with people, but what I love and always ponder and over analyse about is this clear explanation of how I can work on my negative sides and become an even better person, I don't know if you feel the same, but I get so idealistic and so set in my own ways of what ought to be right, how much more can I help in someone else's life in being better or believing in better wait that's such a Sky ad anthem but I love it at times, it can be overpowering and a tad too much for people, but I just get so passionate about things!

I also laugh so much at my own jokes and don't care if people do or don't well really they should cos I am funny, or maybe just far too optimistic in believing in that you guys are laughing so much right now that I am creating a little bit extra joy in your already super fabulous life hahahahaha! So no matter what life throws at you, keep anchoring that hope and faith in positivitiness even Prince sang a song about it come on this is the only way! Long live Sagittarian's!!!

Especially the chosen one's to be born on the 16th Dec hehehehehe!! Sagittarius with rising in Pisces though G xx. Jeannie Lol you definately are true sagg cant cut a long story short lol from Sagittarius G Hello fellow twins! Consolisa Wow I'm a twin too half of the horoscope explained me and the other half explained my twin. Puta I guess thats just who we are Your name:. The "Secret" [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Marlon Its the best people we are"lllllooooooolll [Reply] [Cancel reply].

I feel the same way [Reply] [Cancel reply].

horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays
horoscope 16 december birthdays Horoscope 16 december birthdays

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