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At times, friends can even seem more important to an Aquarius than their own family.

Your Zodiac Sign's Power Color

Aquarius wants to give a piece of him or her to every single person in their life and way beyond that. That could not be further from the truth. Aquarius is an air sign and they are the most unemotional sign of the zodiac. They can seem cold and extremely detached.

Aquarians want to discover the truth and make it available for everyone. So Aquarians are very likely to be eccentric people and wherever they go, they stand out. At their highest, Aquarians can reach the conclusion that they are smarter than everyone they know, that they are more special than everyone they know. And the challenge is, if they do realize that, to share what they know and who they are with the entire world and fight to make it a better place.

Aquarians are here to enlighten people and that should be their main mission and goal in life. Now that you are familiar with the main traits and characteristics of this unique sign, it is time to move on to Aquarius birthstones. These are special stones that have a unique ability to influence this sign in a positive way. Birthstones are assigned according to a particular sign and by having those in possession might bring great things to your life.

Each birthstone can accentuate and develop some of the positive qualities of this zodiac, as well as aid in overcoming the negative ones. The birthstones for Aquarius are amethyst, garnet, amber, hematite, magnetite, and obsidian. Amethyst is a very famous crystal that has been used since ancient times for different purposes like healing and protection. For an Aquarius, the amethyst birthstone influences primarily the mind and intellect.

The Best Paint Color for Your Zodiac Sign

Although this zodiac has strong intellectual traits and people born in the sign of Aquarius are considered to be very smart and wise, they can often suffer from mental problems like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. That can greatly influence the mind of an Aquarius who could then struggle with their daily life. It has a positive effect on the nervous system and enables Aquarians to function better in their day to day life.

For the full effect of the amethyst birthstone, we recommend that you wear it as some type of jewelry , whether it is a necklace, bracelet or earrings. Garnet is a stone with a stunning burgundy color which exudes elegance and sophistication. Aquarians are known for helping other people and their humanitarian nature which is a wonderful trait to have, but they oftentimes neglect themselves in the pursuit of greater good. The most difficult thing for an Aquarian to do is stop for a moment and relax, and take of personal needs first before helping others.

Garnet has a very nice influence on Aquarians because it grounds them and brings up some of personal issues they need to work on. This birthstone has a gorgeous orange color and mysterious glow. Aquarians might benefit from this birthstone a lot because Amber directs their energy and makes them more concentrated. This zodiac has amazing and unique ideas, but the goal is to use them in order to actually create something and not be lost in thought.

More Inspiration

Amber is a great clearing stone and it makes the right path more visible to us. Hematite is a uniquely beautiful dark stone that has captivated people throughout history.

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It is known for its strong metaphysical powers and the ability to release all negative energies. This birthstone is particularly helpful for women Aquarians, especially those who are shy or have low self-esteem. Hematite energy is a great tool for Aquarian women who want to feel confident and powerful.

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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Birthstones, Traits and Color

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aquarius horoscope color Aquarius horoscope color
aquarius horoscope color Aquarius horoscope color
aquarius horoscope color Aquarius horoscope color
aquarius horoscope color Aquarius horoscope color
aquarius horoscope color Aquarius horoscope color

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