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Practically nothing escapes your notice. From the reserved librarian to the genius analyst and administrator, there are many types of double Virgos, but they all share two qualities: you are far tougher than they appear to others and they are quite insightful.

Others can feel that core of resolve and purpose through the timid, reserved, and kind person you are on the outside. There is almost nothing you cannot do after you have made up your mind, because you are flexible, systematic and vigorous. You have also an exceptionally gifted mental ability. You aim criticism most harshly at yourself, but like most Virgos, you are inclined to see faults and errors nearly everywhere and in everyone. Do not stunt your emotional growth with self-criticism. Living up to the lofty standards you apply for yourself is almost impossible.

Instead of getting upset about your faults and endlessly placing yourself under such scrutiny, learn to value your talents, strengths and virtues. It would be wise to try to have a bit self-love at times. Your need to help and assist others may attract you into social service areas such as the clergy, medicine or political activism. Self-fulfillment and happiness are found in work, as with all Virgos. It is critical that your career apply your unique talents. Leo Tolstoy and Lyndon Johnson are good examples of natives of your combination. You are very flexible and always accept advice and reason because both signs in your combination are mutable signs.

Using your mind and your strong determination will take you where you want to go. You have a lot difficulty dealing with betrayal and deceit because you are basically compassionate, kind and thoughtful.

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Your bravery and perseverance helps you to live and prosper in a difficult world even with all your innocence. You think you can control anything with your intellect and the application of your inner strength. Relative to a profession, you have an aptitude in all areas that need thorough analysis, accuracy, and exactness. A lot of double Virgos are fine academics, writers and journalists because of their powerful intellects.

I keep seeing posts about them so I took it upon myself to discover what that meant for me. How am I basically Virgo squared? Like, what does that even mean? Am I just destined to be a Virgo in all aspects? Your super social and love attention. Your always doing the most tbh, you always have to do things bigger and better then everybody else.

Your a perfectionist and hate being sloppy. You tend to judge people before getting to know that but thats just because your an observer so first impressions hit you hard. You dont do this with bad intetions but because you think your helping that person if that makes sense. Log in Sign up. I am a virgo sun and virgo moon, can you tell me more about them?

Please and thank you:. The blush that flushes your cheeks when the handsome guy at the bar winks at you. Looking in the mirror and feeling content with what you see. Movie nights over wine with your favorite girls. Making out by the fireplace. The feeling of silk on your bare skin. Smelling a fresh bouquet of roses. Tongue kisses. Telling scary stories by the bonfire with your best friends. Make up sex. Running into the arms of your lover after an eternity of being apart.

Finally letting your walls down and allowing yourself to trust again after countless heartbreaks. Toasting drinks over barbecue. Fireworks on the 4th of July. Helping someone see in a different perspective. Feeling energized after a good workout. Driving stick. Proudly watching as your younger siblings grow up.

Nervously asking out your lover on a first date and feeling overwhelmed with joy when they say yes. Going on a hike with your friends. Re-watching your favorite movies. Pillow talks. Making sure your loved ones feel safe and secure. Staying up late playing video games. Proving someone wrong. Bringing out the best traits in a person by encouraging them to be unafraid of who they are. Spending time alone after being out with friends.

Stargazing with your lover. The cool mist that caresses your skin on a winter morning. Eskimo kisses. Pouring your emotions out onto pen and paper. Hands covered in paint. Bright blue skies with tons of cirrus clouds. The sound of rain soothing you to sleep. Singing along to your favorite songs on a road trip with your family. Check Sun, Moon and Mercury. Scorpios can use their abilities to recall events from decades back. Water signs are highly visual and Scorpios project this when they give you a very detailed description about any moment in their life. It does not matter how trivial the event may have been, it could have been the first time they encountered a favorite book or the time someone looked at them the wrong way.

Trust them to paint you a very clear picture with their words, pulling the listener back to the moment that they felt something, whether it be a painful memory or a happy one. These are natural artists and they will draw you a landscape of their memory. You will be lost in their visual process and expression. It may even come across through song or actions, but there will be a dramatic flare in the way they recant their tale.

The bull is not afraid to hold on to what ails them and they will have no problem reminding people how they have been hurt. Cancer : The loving crab might put on the happy persona for those that do not know them, but this is only to keep themselves guarded from being hurt.

They will keep a burn book in mind with the times people have let them down or have betrayed them. These people have strong memories, because they will forever be marked if hurt. Virgo : The master organizer, critical and diligent. Trust this sign to remember every detailed moment in their lives. Their mind works like a library, they are able to pinpoint the exact book they are searching for on an obscure shelf.

These are natural librarians and the memories are collectibles, guarded in the realm of their beautiful minds. Capricorn : Defined by their admirable work ethic, this sign is also blessed with a strong memory. There memories are like flashcards, they are able to color coordinate and shuffle them in their mind. It is hard for them to miss any details because they are always on watch. Their successes are measured by how much time, how much energy and who has done what to help them thrive. The Aquarius mind will travel back in time with pieces of the past, especially when they want to prove a point.

Their mind works like a treasure box, filled with guarded heirlooms waiting to be revealed all in time. Aries : Hot headed and their memories are like blocks of ice. Depending on the intensity, the ice melts to water and evaporates or it will stay frozen in time. Their memories melt away because the Aries normally never takes things to heart unless they have felt wronged.

They react to extremely negative and positive things, never an in between. The Aries can become frigid and cold when they have been hurt; she can transform into the ice queen. Their memories will remain in a cold stasis until someone warms their heart up. They will recall a first kiss but will get lost with mundane memories.

Sagittarius : Represented by freedom and being carefree, Sagittarius folks are always in motion. They can recall memories through their current experience. Traveling and hiking down a path from years before can trigger events. They will remember conflicts, but will easily move on from them if they were able to work things through.

Not ones to hold grudges, they will easily float about and build on new meaningful memories with the people they love. As long as they are at peace with themselves, they can always go back and indulge in the past. Leo : The mighty King of the jungle does not have time to focus on minor events in the past.

Eternally consumed more with their own well being, it often becomes hard to become interested in things that do not involve them. A clash with a powerful adversary or a victory will remain in their thoughts. They will gladly tell you their hardships and how they have managed to thrive and survive. Much like Aries, the dramatic Leo will need a grandiose event for it to remain imprinted in their mind. Libra: Life is a party and Libras are prepared.

They will generally manipulate memories to favor theirs. Their memories can be considered shallow, lacking any depth. They will not delve deep into what has transpired into the past, just keep hold of the vague idea of an incident. Libras prefer to be stuck in their own lavish fantasy where they are the stars of the show. Injecting dramatic tidbits to make things more exciting. Pisces : Dreaming is a full time job for Pisces. These people will give you the artistic visions of the Scorpio but with embellished areas. The memory will transform into a tale where the Pisces reigned victorious in a battle even if the memory was a pleasant one without any hardships.

Trust them to be animated in their storytelling because they truly believe what they are sharing. Gemini : Highly intelligent but their mind runs a marathon. It is hard for Gemini to recall events but they can tell you historical facts since they are masters of knowing a little bit of everything. There is an ongoing parade of powerful thoughts their mind on a daily basis. They will however, remember powerful moments in their lives and they will keep them close to their hearts, but ask them about the day to day and those thoughts are burned away. The Gemini is like the roadrunner, off to create and experience life with great speed.

Aries:I hope you learn to forgive yourself, even for the things you never apologized for. For the things you never got to admit to. I hope the guilt goes away and you can sleep at night. I hope your life is better. Taurus: Make your own choice for once. Stop letting whoever holds your heart strings decide how your life is going to play out. You could make so much more of yourself if you just woke up. That your absence feels like the universe screaming. That you are loved. That nothing will ever be able to take your place. Cancer:Being sick is not weakness. Being brave does not mean you are not scared.

It is okay to be sick. It is okay to be scared. Fuck, it is even okay to be broken. As long as you know those are not bad things. You are not a bad thing. Leo:Your cries are being heard. You are being heard. Keep fighting. Do not let their indifference fool you. They hear you. They hear your power. You are a fucking storm, and we all see it. Stand strong. Virgo: Just stop being an asshole.

Stop pushing everyone whose standing by you away. Listen to them. Trust them. Libra:Making an impulse choice is not the same as making a choice. Split second decisions and having your back against the wall is not the same as making an actual smart decision and doing what you want to do. Learn the difference, please. You know this. I can see it. So please, run. Run as far and fast from who you were and the people you use to hang out with. You should have higher standards by now, my dear. Capricorn: Stop being scared of getting your knuckles bloody. Sometimes you need to start with the rubble.

Aquarius: You look over your shoulder like their around the corner. You are safe. You are out. You have nothing to run from now. Pisces: Close the blinds. Put on your best music. Collapse on your bed and let every bit of emotion out. Be the movie montage but in hours. Learn how to heal yourself. Learn how to help the ain yourself. Aries m : Your unapologetic craziness and fast paced energy drew me in. You are your same self always. There is familiarity here. Your quick wit and your need for adventure is something I will treasure always about our time together. Never change.

Aries f : Whenever we are together there is joy or chaos, no in between.

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You are my fight and my flight. You are a know it all. But you may know it all.

You are better than you give yourself credit. Keep your fire, never let it die. Taurus m : Your devotion to everything you do is why I admire you. You are so strong. Your thoughts move fast. Your reactions are gentle. Get out of your head once in a while. I promise you, you are doing amazing things. Taurus f : You are driven. Your volcanic temper has always perplexed me, because mine is fiery and sharp-tongued. Know that I am inspired by you every day. Know that I am supportive of you. Know that I love you always. Gemini m : You are loved more than you think you are.

Your intelligence is quiet and overlooked, but I know it is there. Gemini f : I miss you. You kept me on my toes, I never knew whether you were a ball of irritation or a puddle of sappy love. You made my stomach hurt from laughing. You inspired me to be so much better than I thought I was. Thank you. But I think I did, deep down, actually know. You commanded attention whether you wanted it or not. Cancer f : You mesmerize me.

Your laugh is contagious, and you are sunshine. I have always been grateful to have your ear to bend. You are so understanding. I hate whoever has hurt you. Leo m : Oh my, you again. I will always love the good times I had with you. I always wished I had been enough for you. We get each other, we always have. You hated to see me upset, especially if you were the reason. Your temper always got the best of you, and so did your pride.

And I loved every piece of you anyway. Leo f : I ran from you. You intimidated me in the best ways, and that scared me. But I did anyway. And you impressed me with your devotion and your ability to love so hard. I regret all the things I never let happen. But I am grateful for the time I had with you. You are the sun. Never forget your worth. Virgo m : You are so much smoother than me, I will be forever envious of your ability to make friends as easily as you do.

Your warmth is inviting. Your smile even more so. I admire you. Virgo f : I have always looked up to you. Your class and dignity are things I have always envied. You speak every sentence like poetry. You are far smarter than I will ever be. Stay grounded, stay you. Never forget who you are. Never let anyone try to change you. Libra m : You have a sense of security in yourself that I will never know. You are concrete, and unafraid. You have made me laugh until I cried, I appreciate you.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for listening. You are so good. Libra f : The chaotic good. You are so often misunderstood, as am I, and this is why our hearts came together. I trust you. It is so hard to build trust, but you have mine. You are golden. You have potential. You will find your balance. I believe in you, and I always will. Scorpio m : There is mystery behind your eyes. There is strength I feel that you are afraid to unleash. You are stoic, but sensitive. You intrigued me. You have so much to give. Scorpio f : You taught me to embrace even the ugliest parts of myself.

You have helped me to see the beauty I have to offer. You are accepting of me, and all of the parts of me I am afraid to show others. I hope you know the strength you have taught me. I hope you are aware of how much I appreciate you. Keep your drive. You are alluring. Sagittarius m : You are the fire to my fire. You inspire me every day. You taught me how to fight, for myself, and for you. Because of you, I learned patience. Because of you, I no longer feel ashamed to feel angry sometimes.

You are not hard to love.

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Thank you for making it seem easy to love me. Sagittarius f : I think of a million giggles when I think of you. You can be so serious at times, but I loved when you let yourself delve deep into a sense of humor I never knew you had.

Though life often takes us down separate paths, I know you are one I can always go to. You are fury and flame whether you know it or not. I think you know it. Capricorn m : You perplexed me. There is a deeper you behind what you show to the world. I sometimes wish I knew it. But often, I am more impressed by the knowledge and understanding you had of your surroundings.

You are so determined. Keep that drive. Capricorn f : Your selective nature is one I have always been so curious of. You always told me to care for myself better, and I am, and I have you to thank. Never forget you are so loved. Your heart is gold though your armor around it is platinum. I will protect you always. Aquarius m : You are the definition of art. Watching you move, breathe, live, was an experience.

You are color. You are spirit. You are so much to take in. A breath of fresh air, but one that is cool and getting colder. You can be so vulnerable. Let yourself be vulnerable. Keep growing, you are doing it beautifully.

Aquarius f : You are nurturing, and have so much love to give. I am so lucky you shared that with me. I know I can tell you anything. There is no judgement with you, only acceptance and a warmth you crave to give to others. You have a bitterness towards negative energies underneath it all, you use it to protect you. You know your strength. You know your worth. Never ever lose that. Pisces m : I often wonder if you were able to just… read my mind. It was easy, too easy, to fall for you. You are tender and familiar.

But I wish I knew if you actually feel. It seems so much easier for you to be numb. Pisces f : You are so charismatic, you glow.

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