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It's just your way. In , however, the universe is about to test your mettle to see just how mature you really are. Fortunately, there is little doubt about your ability to pass the test -- and then reap the rewards. We're talking about Saturn, your ruling planet. This is the planet ruling commitment, responsibility, discipline, and hard work. Saturn has been in your sign for over a year already, offering you an even more significant opportunity to show the world just how put-together you really are.

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In Saturn will continue to move through your sign, making sure that you've got a sober outlook on life as you convey yourself to the world with complete authority. In many ways you might become the ultimate authority this year -- either on a subject, professionally, or even as the head of your household. The eclipses in will fall in your sign and your opposite sign, Cancer, which symbolizes major shifts in partnership for you as well.

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On January 5 at the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, you are likely to initiate a new endeavor that requires you to be at your most disciplined. You're determined to take on something that elevates your reputation somehow.


This can be anything from a change in status getting married or becoming a parent, for example to a professional makeover that leaves you feeling like a total boss. Elements of the human condition such as luck, chance and fate or a little tricky for Capricorn people to grasp , and so many of them instead choose to focus on the tried and true — the things that they can reach out and influence physically.

Here’s Your Lucky Number In 12222, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

However, in and beyond, as the world gets ever more confusing a place to be, Capricorn people are turning more and more to astrology, numerology and more besides for a sense of direction and grounding. Capricorn people can trust the lucky numbers listed here to help align their hopes and dreams with good fortune and opportunities to excel that go beyond the slow road and the patient approach.

Capricorn people are their own best friends and they place their faith almost exclusively in themselves and themselves alone to get the job done. If they want that promotion, intend to date that cutie or want to heal from an unfortunate injury or illness, they roll up their sleeves and put in the work. Step by step, they obtain their goals, and when you consider that the number 1 is a lucky Capricorn number, this lone wolf outlook makes a lot of sense.

Therefore, Capricorn folks looking to maximise their good fortune are advised to take stock of where and when they see the number 1, and what it signifies to them.

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Take heart when the number one is marking the train you take to a job interview, the number of a building where your new partner lives, or even the number on your ticket stub for the deli counter. The number 4 is a fascinating number when you look at its position in superstition in various cultures around the world.

Perhaps the most notable example if the aura of fear that often surrounds the number 4 in the Far East. In countries like Japan, China and others besides, the number 4 has connotations with misfortune, accidents, bad luck and even death. You might well be thinking, how on Earth could such a highly superstitious number be lucky for Capricorn if this is true?

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In these instances, then, seeing the number 4, or making a big decision on the 4th day of the month, often bodes well for Capricorn people. Furthermore, for good and ill, these folks can get caught in their heads a little bit from time to time. Capricorn people like to consider things from every angle , but this can lead to rumination in the extreme if left unchecked.

Because the number 8 is also the symbol of infinity. Capricorn people need to sometimes be reminded that there are an infinite number of possibilities and solutions even outside the comprehensive selection of outcomes they have already no doubt devoted lots of time thinking about.

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The temperament of these souls can lean towards the glum side from time to time, but these are actually people hardwired for success at the soul level — their win is inevitable. Capricorn people who see the number 10 around them, in-home addresses, in birthdays of new friends or partners, or in text messages received at 10Pm with unexpected good news, will see how this number is closely tied to their good fortune in all areas of life.

Capricorn traits

The number 10 represents to Capricorn that fulfilment of a goal has been reached, or that imminent — and that a new opportunity for love, romance, wealth or personal growth is about to unfold. In countless cultures around the world, the number 13 is felt as a number to be avoided by the superstitious at all costs. Yet for Capricorn, 13 is indeed a lucky number, and one that proves that taking ones one route through life, whatever naysayers or doom and gloom forecasts might suggest, is the surest road to success.

capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers
capricorns horoscope numbers Capricorns horoscope numbers

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