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Sexual union between two of them is not going to be that much a problem, but both being too serious at times that some times they could become bored from each other and that is a major risk if they get married or are in a relationship with each other. They need to cultivate some hobbies and other interests and should move out more often socially with friends to remove the threat of boredom which could ruin their relationship. In fact they are just like chalk and cheese in similarity. Taurus people are adamant , fixed in opinion and nature , while Gemini on other hand is always on the move and change in a minute, but as they say opposites always attract and for this reason alone they would be attracted towards each other.

Gemini could find Taurus passion to be intriguing and attractive. Taurus could be deeply disturbed by volatile habits of a Gemini and could break this relationship sooner or later. Gemini could find Taurus possessiveness and sense of demands to be too much and they could run away from this relationship. In nutshell this is not a good match to have.

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Both love home and family, both are emotional creatures and very sentimental in nature. They kind of fill each other short comings as Taurus is usually very relaxed and plain speaking and is a good soothing effect for restless nature of cancer. Taurus are strong and cancer need some one like a Taurus to take care of them so esp cancer woman and Taurus man is a good match.

Taurus and Cancer are both ambitious and have love for good things in life and money so here lot of things go for them and in long run this relationship is going to work for them. Leos are always in need of praise and adulation from every one and they would expect the same form Taurus , this might not suit and very much liked by the Taurus who will go deep in to its moods and get irritated by all this. Both need appreciation and adulation from each other , but they might not get it from each other.

Sexually both are adequately matched but the other mismatching factors will sooner or later ruin this relationship. Not a very good match in nutshell.

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They both are intelligent and have affinity to same interests. They can make a great team and great life partners also. They compliment each other Virgo has a sharp mind and Taurus are great at managing expenditure and finances which gives happiness to Virgos who are careful with expenditures also. Their sexual compatibility may need a little adjustments as Taurus are more passionate when it comes to love making , but with little adjustments they could make it good in bed too.

Taurus find libra partner a warm, compassionate and a charming one.

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Libras are born charmers and they could just sweet Taurus off their feet very quickly. Taurus may find the Libra extravagance in expenditure a little put off , but the saving grace is that both of them are lovers of collecting good things in life and their tastes matches in this aspect. Both signs are governed by Planet Venus and that gives them a sensual and compassionate nature.

The negative point in this match is Taurus possessiveness which might put an end to this match.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus has to be careful not to be too possessive if they want their Libra partner to stay with them. Both harbor great ambitions and are very determined in their approaches in life. Both Taurus and Scorpio have very strong and determined personalities and they have great will power for executing things in life.

Taurus is very passionate and Scorpio has insatiable urge for sex and both have an excellent mating in sexual life. Scorpio in nature are possessive and jealous and this could irk and upset the Taurus and resent and make the sulk and go in to their shells and eventually this could lead to the break up of this relationship. Both have a physical attraction to each other. Taurus is passionate and Sagittarius has uninhibited approach to the love making so physical aspect of this relationship could hardly go wrong.

Taurus could resent the flirty nature of Sagittarius with the opposite sex. Taurus would like to keep Sagittarius under their control, but they wont succeed much and this could lead to many bickering and tensions. Overall the life wont have many dull moments in this relationship. Both share serious approach towards life , which is both uncomplicated and very to the point.

Capricorns are not very romantic so the romance may lack in this relationship, but this would be more than taken care of in the bed and the sexual union between the two is going to be good for both of them. They share the same passions, ambitions in life and it wont be surprising that they might like their common friends also.

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Taurus have a constant character, and their opinions, once formed, are seldom altered. They could provide great support to Cancer who sometimes view the world a harsh place to live.

Cancer could inspire Taurus, and initiate all sorts of activities in their partnership which Taurus could then carry to completion with the help of Cancer. The two star signs are well suited to be friends with each other. The most remarkable things about a relationship between a Taurus and a Cancer are its strength, stability, and reliability.

Both star signs are dependable; they care for each other; and they cooperate with each other very well. A common preference for safety and security adds to their friendship. Education - Next 12 Months. Your Lucky Gemstones. Discuss With Our Astrologers. Marriage Compatibility.

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taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology
taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology
taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology
taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology
taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology
taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology
taurus man indian astrology Taurus man indian astrology

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