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The pieces are something the Sagittarius Woman collects from all her travels, each with an interesting story behind how it was gained or what it means to her. The thighs, hips, and pelvis align with the sign of Sagittarius. Thus, the Sagittarius Woman might run into bone problems or even issues with the hips when she ages. Osteoporosis or Osteopenia might prove a problem, so it is wise for her to keep an eye on calcium and Vitamin D levels.

Increasing the amount of dairy intake in her diet is necessary. This sign also rules the liver and hepatic system, so it is possible she will run into issues later in life involving fatty liver or other digestive issues. To remain fit, the Sagittarius Woman needs to be in a comfortable environment, and that typically means outdoors. Swimming in a pool, jogging, running, or riding a bike can help her keep fit. Still, it is best if you appeal to her need to be out in nature and under the rays of the Sun.

The local gym might prove far too confining for her. It is best she sets up a healthy routine and sticks to it: A solid plan works better for the Sagittarius Woman who can be flighty and forgetful otherwise hindering her ability to carry out things efficiently and limiting her overall productivity. Her penchant for teaching makes her a wonderful guide, educator, speaker, and tutor. The Sagittarius Woman excels in literacy and mathematics, and this makes her a suitable aid for a student in need of help.

Her ever-curious mind and high intellect make her teacher potential, from an elementary teacher to a college professor, the Sagittarius Woman is one who loves the academic setting where she can help students excel while continually stimulating her own mind. If she takes the time to become an expert in a second language and with her penchant for traveling the world the education serves her well.

The Sagittarius Woman can work as a foreign language interpreter: This will allow her to make use of her intellect, quick thinking skills, communication skills, and her proficiency over language.

The Personality of a Sagittarius, Explained

The Sagittarius Woman makes a great veterinarian thanks to her love for the wild and animals. She might work well on a farm, or she might prove an excellent trainer of animals. Even grooming animals will give her a sense of satisfaction. Her desire for travel makes her a great candidate for working as a flight attendant. As a Sagittarius, your lady friend is ready and willing to work hard for her money: The concept of hard work does not make her flinch. Just as she will earn the cash she is equally willing to spend it without blinking an eye or feeling guilt; she feels an entitlement allowing her to overspend.

Despite her willingness to spend, somehow the Sagittarius Woman saves a small nest egg for the rainy days. Invite her on a daylong hike or plan a day sailing out on the open waters of the nearest river, lake, or ocean. She has a penchant for all things wild, including chaotic atmospheres. Therefore, dates, where you go out to the club and let your wild side run free, are not at all out of the question. Plan adventure outings, special travel events, or plan on camping trips on weekends or when your work schedule allows.

You must be a genuine person who is upfront and honest too. At least, if you plan to keep this Sagittarius Woman at your side. She demands honesty from those she interacts with and expects that you will meet the demand. If you fail her, she will prove beyond disappointed as she has so much hope for the relationship when she falls in love. Traveling the world is a priority for the Sagittarius Woman. She loves to explore and push beyond the boundaries of what she calls home. Besides travel, adventurous pastimes prove most agreeable; She might enjoy things like camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Do not forget about water skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving activities which might prove to her liking. Such activities pique her curiosity and feed her adventurous spirit, all while allowing her to enjoy the outdoors and nature.

10 Mistakes Sagittarius Women Make In Relationships

The Sagittarius Woman does not do well when she feels smothered in a relationship. Anything that interrupts the plans she has made annoys her so lots of traffic or roadblocks can make her feel on the edge of crazed. Likewise, if you make her a promise you need to keep it, as her demand for honesty will cause annoyance to grow.

If you fail to keep your word.

2. Insensitivity

Finally, boredom is not something the Sagittarius Woman manages well. Her need for excitement and adventure will have her feeling on edge until she discovers the adventurous once more and achieves that end. The woman born under the sign of Sagittarius is one who appreciates the people in her life; she enjoys interacting with others, and she makes a terrific friend. She has a natural tendency to please others, and she is not happy until she knows all around her are equally comfortable. Her primary goal is to have everyone she knows putting their best foot forward and living life as the best person they can be.

She has a real rose-colored perspective on humanity and human nature. She sees the goodness in all and sometimes this is to her detriment; willing to give everyone a chance in her life, she sometimes allows less than reputable people in her life who hurt her or betray her. Her love for her friends is unconditional as is her love for her family members. She is honest with those she interacts with, and so even as a child, she gets into little mischief. Her siblings grow up knowing they have a sister they can turn to in a time of need. The Sagittarius Woman will always be ready to extend a helping hand when they need it.

The Sagittarius Woman has great pride in her family, and she carries this same pride when she finally marries and has children of her own.

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She takes exceptional care of her children. The Sagittarius Woman serves as an excellent role model for her them, who learn of her high expectations for kindness, a love of humanity, and honesty. When there is mutual respect between the Sagittarius Woman and an Aries partner, this relationship works well. Even better, if they have a shared dream or goal for where they want the relationship to go, the two of them can make just about any dream a reality.

The Taurus and the Sagittarius Woman also work well together if the Sagittarian can slow down to the slow and methodical pace of the Taurean partner. Their love of the natural world and beauty gives them much in common. One of the best pairings is the Sagittarian with the Gemini partner: Both share the same desire for intellect, learning, conversing, and fun times. Libra is another compatible sign that goes well with Sagittarius as both strive for balance and they are both social and amiable. A Leo and the Sagittarius Woman share a love for socializing, travel, and goal-orientation, and an intense passion for enjoying all that life has to offer; but a problem can arise when the Sagittarius Woman looks to Leo to give her life meaning.

The Leo partner, demanding her lover spoil and honor him, remains oblivious to her needs. Capricorns and Sagittarius women end up making a good couple; they are both visionaries and work together well as co-creators on whatever they want to create. The Aquarius partner and the Sagittarius are both seekers of knowledge and enlightenment, so an intense bond forms between the two. The Sagittarius and Pisces mix comes with a lot of dissimilarities between the two. But, she can make it work if they agree to be decent to one another and they focus on the fun and laughter they have together.


The Sagittarius Woman and Cancer partners are out of step for falling in love or developing a relationship. This is something worth holding on to. Even though she has to find a way to stay realistic, she needs her belief in the beauty of the future intact. It will eventually bring her to that utopian place, whether you believe it or not. She will make you laugh, bring new meaning into your life and do everything she can to teach you how to be happier.

Unfortunately, she can sometimes lose sight on what she actually knows and become pushy in opinions that have nothing to do with you. This is a woman whose Sun sign is ruled by Jupiter, and she will love presents all together. Surprise her and show her that you value her independence and her sense of adventure.

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about sagittarius horoscope woman About sagittarius horoscope woman
about sagittarius horoscope woman About sagittarius horoscope woman
about sagittarius horoscope woman About sagittarius horoscope woman
about sagittarius horoscope woman About sagittarius horoscope woman
about sagittarius horoscope woman About sagittarius horoscope woman
about sagittarius horoscope woman About sagittarius horoscope woman

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