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If the government generally was playing it straight and not trying to gain re-election by defaming its opponents, Trudeau could have expressed regret, claimed he'd learned and moved on. Nortel had been the victim of attacks by hackers.

Jan. 27: Your daily horoscope

The percentage of French Quebecers seriously tempted by independence appears to have moved from 50 per cent in the referendum to 60 per cent in , to less than Maybe you'll help make the world a better place for others in the process. Or at least, you'll think that this is what you are doing Never believe that Pisceans are impractical. They may be many other things and they may, too, be hard to understand at times, but Einstein was a Pisces, and the current Prime Minister of Britain is too.

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I rest my case. To be born under the sign of the Ram is to have no fear of locking horns with anyone! It makes you assertive, ambitious and energetic. It also makes you argumentative. And please, don't say: 'No it doesn't! Aries-born people can, of course, be charming and gentle too. The wise ones soon learn to pick their fights carefully. But none can resist a chance to boldly go where none has gone before and, if this means they have to split a few infinitives along the way, they won't backtrack.

Think, for example, of Chris Evans and the cavalier attitude he has taken to his own career. A refusal to be risk averse has paid great dividends. Even now, he's not afraid to step into Terry Wogan's shoes - shoes that many say can never be filled. While you have great potential to become a military leader, a pioneering politician or a successful entrepreneur, what you're really best at is being yourself! Researchers have concluded that children born under Taurus are least likely to gain fame in early life.

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That fits. If you know you've got stamina and staying power, why would you swap a lifetime of stable success for a temporary triumph? Taureans want results not responses and they're willing to work long, hard, unsung hours to get these. Nor can they see the point in doing anything without a practical purpose. That's why they make good cooks, craftspeople, bakers, business-folk and bankers. Well, when I say bankers, I mean the kind we used to have.

A bonus, to a Taurean, is a reward that must be reinvested. If you're a Taurean, you'll love art, sculpture, gardening and anything you can help to shape with the sheer force of your patient determination. Even if you set off early in life for success, you're far more likely, like Jessica Watson, to sail single-handed round the world at just 16 than seek the stormy sea of celebrity. That gives you a natural edge in research, commerce and communication.

In the unlikely event that you ever run out of people to debate things with, you can play the game of 'devil's advocate' all by yourself. You can argue any case from any angle and while not all barristers are born under your sign, many Geminis love to feel sure they know the law, even if they work in their other favourite fields, such as sales, education and journalism.

A competitive urge often takes Geminis into the sporting arena where they can demonstrate their endless will to win. Though not all Geminis are quite so glamorous, all can turn on the sex appeal with unnerving ease when they feel so inspired. Cancerians are ruled by the Moon. They go through so many moods and phases that it's hard to pigeonhole them. What comes naturally to a Cancerian when the mood is right may prove elusive a short while later.

Shani dhaiya on virgo

That's why, when a Cancerian says 'I don't feel like doing this right now', they should always be listened to and waited for. If you were born under this sign, you'll know how sensitive you are to 'timing'. You are also sensitive to the needs of others. Just as the Moon reflects sunlight, you reflect attitudes and expectations. You're supposed to make such a good nurse, cook or carer. It's not that you can't do anything else, just that you've always got access to your kindness and your desire to support. It's also why you should be wary of glitzy, superficial situations.

Lindsay Lohan is a classic example of a Cancerian who got so good at pretending to be what everyone else wanted her to be, she forgot how to be herself. What can a Leo do with their life? Anything they want to! If you're born under this sign, you've got a head full of application and dedication plus a heart full of loyalty and generosity. You like making people happy. That's why you get so cross when you encounter folk who revel in making people angry, grumpy or sad. There aren't, though, many jobs like this in the classifieds!

But you'll take on any role as long as it allows you to express that side of yourself. Indeed, your ability to play almost any part is almost magical. Which brings us neatly round to Harry Potter. He's a Leo, as is JK Rowling, who gave her character her own birthday. Like them, all Leos should know that nothing will ever hold them back while they're brave enough to face fears that others hardly dare to name.

Virgos were placed on this earth to put right whatever everyone else has got wrong in such a subtle, sensitive way that nobody even notices. If you're a Virgo, you will know all about this compulsion to compensate. A version ran on Broadway in The Rendezvous with Madness arts festival, primarily based in Workman Arts on Dufferin Street, features films, visual art, theatre and standup comedy that explore themes of mental health and illness.

Confrontations between performers and smartphone-wielding audience members are fuelling a new debate about digital-era etiquette, with some saying a resistance to letting people get their phones out is a form of elitism. A group backed by the Alberta oil industry spent half a million dollars on videos denouncing pipeline protesters — but stopped promoting them right before it would have been required to register with Elections Canada. Is the sweeping advice to reduce saturated fat — found in butter, cheese, steak — and replace it with unsaturated fat suitable for all Canadians?

Drums full of concrete and mercury were allegedly dumped decades ago in what is now a clearing surrounded by jackpine trees. The hospital and doctors deny wrongdoing. Chatham ophthalmologist Christopher Anjema, the fourth highest biller in Ontario in , was featured in a recent Star investigation into questionable physician billings.

West-end Rogers Rd. Thanks to smartphones, the internet and social media, real estate salespeople are more accessible, buyers and sellers have greater access to information, writes Joe Richer. AI is one of the technologies that have inspired automakers to view the auto industry from a different perspective. Loaded with technology most of it standard , this luxury SUV is a treat to drive.

Subscribe Now. Top Stories. Loaded Questions. Heather Scoffield: Immigration has taken a back seat in this election, and business is pleased. Vinay Menon: Ellen pushes back against toxic times, just by hanging out with George W.

globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020 Globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020
globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020 Globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020
globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020 Globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020
globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020 Globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020
globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020 Globe and mail horoscope january 27 2020

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